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Sometimes children ask questions that adults have forgotten the answers to.As adults get older, they forget things that are really important. One thing that is always forgotten is the magical relationship between fairies and the animals who live in the Rocky Mountains. This beautiful book will remind you of this delicate relationship and teach children about caring for the creatures around us. 


The most enjoyable part of being a Colorado Author is meeting  the children. They are always so excited to meet, somebody  who wrote a real live book.' I travel around the state for book signings and have met many, many children. The excitement of picking out a book and having it signed by the author is priceless. Being an author also gives me the opportunity to talk to groups of children and host writing workshops to inspire their writing. Marny children do not realize they have a story to tell. I like to have them, get those stories to wriggle out: (with the help of gummy worms).


Author: Michelle Rodenburg

Illustrator: Eric Fronapfel



Rocky Mountain Fairytales

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