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Downloading a grubnedor press soundtrack

Downloading Directions, Troubleshooting & Tips

Your MP3s are bundled into one ZIP file and will be downloaded to your hard drive.

IMPORTANT: Once you click the link to download, a screen will pop up asking, "What to do with this file?" Make sure you choose the "Save File" button and then click "OK," then navigate to the directory you would like to download the ZIP file to. If you choose "Open File" your download will NOT be saved to your computer.

After you save the ZIP file containing the MP3 music files to your computer, browse to the downloaded ZIP file to extract (or unzip) your MP3s into the location of your choice.

How do I unzip my files?

Most computers can extract (unzip) the files inside a ZIP file when you attempt to open it. At that time you can put the MP3s in a location of your choice. One way to to unzip is right-click the file, and then click Extract on the shortcut menu. For more assistance, search the internet for detailed unzip instructions for your operating system.

After extracting the MP3 files, they will be in a sub folder with the name of the soundtrack. You can then add them into your favorite media player library such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Are unzipped files added automatically to my iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries?

No. You will need to import your files to your iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries.

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