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Colorado Creatures is an alphabet book about animals that live in Colorado. There are beautiful illustrations that show the animals as the letters of the alphabet. There is prose to go along with each animal as well as music. The CD that is included in each book has music that was beautifully written by a Colorado native and sung by young adults in the Arvada area.


Visit the music page in the bookstore to download the soundtrack.


Author: Michelle Rodenburg

Illustrator: Eric Fronapfel

Music: Debbie Miller and David Miller

Colorado Creatures

  • Rhyming words are so fun to say,
    They make you read in a sing song way.

    • How many sets of rhyming words can you find in this book?
    • Are there other words you know that will rhyme with some of the words in this book?
    • Make a list of as many words as you can that rhyme with red.
    • Can you think of a word that rhymes with orange? (me either)

    All the animals found in this book,
    are from Colorado, so come take a look.

    • Can you see each letter of the alphabet in this book?
    • How many animals from this book have you seen in the wild?
    • Are there any animals like these that live near your home?
    • Which is your favorite animal from this book and why?
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