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A Forever Family, A Puppy's Tale is a story of a puppy who was abandoned in an alley. She was found and taken to the shelter where she was cleaned up and later adopted. The story shares how people come to the shelter looking for their Forever Friend. It's what's on the inside that counts, not the breed of the animal. The book comes with a CD of 6 songs that can be played at intervals in the story.


Visit the music page in the bookstore to download the soundtrack.


Author: Michelle Rodenburg

Illustrator: Eric Fronapfel

Music: Debbie Miller, David Miller, Becky Rodenburg

A Forever Family, A Puppy's Tale

  • Before you adopt a pet there are many things that you need to think about and prepare for. You will first need to decide what kind of pet will fit your families lifestyle. Your family should do research to determine which kind of pet will fit best. There are resources online, at the library, book stores and local shelters to help you make your decision. After your decision has been made it is helpful to purchase a book on the pet to help you in your first weeks. Whether it is a puppy, hamster, fish or anything else, a book can give you many things to think about as you learn about your new Forever Friend.

    Pets need lots of care and attention. The first thing to do is to make your house and yard safe for your pet. Take house plants off the floor and tuck any wires away. Put away breakable items on low shelves and make sure any cleaners or hazardous items are stored properly. In the yard, make sure your new pet can not escape through small hose or gaps in the fence.

    Have discussions with your family about:

    • Who will care for each of the pets needs.
    • What special arrangements do you need to make for your new pet?
    • Call your local Vet or shelter to answer any question for you.
    • Talk to samll children about how to care for your new pet and hot to handle them.
    • Do you have the proper items to care for your pet?
      • Proper food
      • Water
      • Toys
      • Shelter, bed or habitat
      • Grooming items
      • Collar and leash or something for exercise​​​​​​​
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